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Welcome Frugal Living with Open Arms

The world is full of material things that attract people in so many ways. And to make the problem worse, people tend to be unsatisfied on what they already have. Even rich people still seek out for more, and how much more for those who are in the middle class? …

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You Can Actually Save Money while Eating Your Favorite Foods

I actually wonder why, we, people don’t outgrow our love for foods. Sure, our body needs all the nutrients they can get from foods. But the point is, even without its health benefits, we still love foods. In fact, many of us even do not consider the nutritional contents of …

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Need No Less than the Best Ways to Save Money

If you are like most people who have bills to pay, needs to meet, and a future to secure yet earning only an average income in a month, then you need to do more than just the average ways to save finances. You need no less than the best ways …

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